GMS created three core products to manage your contracts and three product modules
to enhance automation from cradle to grave.

Contract Advantage Webessentials

Provides all the essentials required for contract management with automatic email Alerts, Custom Displays, Renamable Fields, extensive searching and reporting capability, full-featured document management and generates contract documents for signature – all the basics.

Digital Signature ModuleTM

GMS partners with DocuSign™ to offer DigSig™ to automate the execution of legal documents from initiation to automatically attaching the fully executed documents to the appropriate Contract Records when finalized.  It interfaces seamlessly with CONTRACT ADVANTAGE and the two portals.

Contract Advantage WebPro

Offers all the features that WEBESSENTIALS provides for effective contract management.  It contains additional management capability with Intellectual Property tracking, Financials, Asset Management and more. With all these added features, this is our middle-of-the road product.

Contract Request PortalTM

Any person on your Active Directory can access this portal.  This portal permits you to create contracts starting with the business user request for a contract or goods and services and ending in Contract Record creation in CONTRACT ADVANTAGE where you manage the life of the contract.

Contract Advantage WebElite

Provides the most sophistication in your contract management with all features in the other two systems plus a Clause Library, Custom Pages and Fields, mass document and email generation, Electronic Workflow, Contract Templates, User-defined Reporting and more.

Self Service Contracts PortalTM

This portal allows anyone on your Active Directory to activate a pre-approved contract template document (an NDA, for example), insert appropriate party, dates, and subject information, and send it out for approval and/or signature.  When complete, the system creates the Contract Record for you!

Contract management system
Contract management system


Great Minds Software (GMS) created CONTRACT ADVANTAGE as an effective contract management tool to track contract details, terms and conditions, parties involved, deliverable (Action) due dates and related documents.  Information is always at your fingertips beginning at contract negotiation, through execution and ultimately to expiration and/or renewal.  ADVANTAGEALERT™ emails remind you of deliverables in advance.

Contract Management the way you want it!

You decide what you want to track. Modules and features can be activated or concealed. Most fields can be hidden or displayed at will and can be renamed by you to suit the way you operate. Customize globally, by Contract Type or by individual Contract Record.

Contract Advantage Is Flexible!

You decide how detailed or complex your contract management automation will be. You may want “cradle-to-grave” management features, or perhaps you only need the contracting phase to be managed. Rename Labels and customize display to make the system your own.

CONTRACT ADVANTAGE as a Purchase or as a Service

Purchase the system to be installed behind your firewall or acquire the system as SaaS service on GMS servers in our SSAE16-compliant data center. Full Edit or View Only Users are available — Named or Concurrent.

Contract management system
Contract management system
Contract management system

Full Featured Document Management

Attach as many files to a Contract Record as needed (.doc; .docx; .xls; .pdf; email; .xlsx; .pptx; image files, and more). Keep document versions and run document comparisons. Do Full Text Searches on all documents.

Sophisticated Document Assembly

Generate contracts, form letters or mass emails. Import Language from the Clause Library, from documents on your network, or from other Contract Records. Once Contract Language is entered or imported, Field Codes may be inserted into the text, so as to merge contract data with the text to produce documents for approval or signature.

Quickly Draft Letters, Emails & Reminders

Highlight a Contact name and click on a button to generate a pre-addressed letter for printing or an email form that will automatically go out from the system. Create a Reminder for yourself or others and receive an automatic email on the date specified.

Contract management system


In addition to the features described previously, CONTRACT ADVANTAGE provides you with:

Multi-Layered Security
Control what people see and what they can do when they see it.  The system will also authenticate against your Active Directory.

Comprehensive History Audit Trail
Track all changes made by a User, date and time stamped, with before and after values.  There is full accountability.

Extensive Searching and Reporting
Run over 120 Reports or create your own, and search on over 400 fields, individually or in combination, plus Full Text Search on all documents.  Save queries and export them to Excel.

Data Import and Export Capability
Import data from Excel™ spreadsheets.  Export any Table to Excel or XML; or any Grid in the system to Excel.  Most Reports also export to Excel, Word or PDF.

Global Updates
Save time and effort by updating multiple Contract Records at a time if someone leaves or is reassigned or if data criteria changes.

More Features...

Custom Displays
User-Defined Dashboard
Multi-Language Ready
Renamable Fields
Multi-Currency Enabled
Full Text Searchable
Fast Effective Support
Document Assembly & Versioning
Exportable Grids
History Audit Trail
Powerful Search Engine
Electronic Workflow
Insurance Tracking
MSA’s, related Sub’s or SOW’s
Data Import/Export Capability
Real Estate Management
Managed Care Tracking
Credentialing & Specialty Tracking
Custom Pages & Fields
Contract management system
Contract management system