Selecting a Contract Management System, Part III Understanding How to Classify Contract Management Systems

As you consider implementing a contract management system and start researching what is available, you will find a mind-numbing array of products with a wide range of feature sets, capabilities and licensing options.   The good news is two-fold:  (1) this means that there is an active market out there, and (2) the market is likely to have offerings that will fit your needs.   Categorizing Contract Management Systems The best way to start to understand the contract management systems market is to define broad groups

Selecting a Contract Management System Where to Start?

Contract Management Systems are a critical function in well-managed organizations.  It doesn’t matter if you are a commercial entity, hospital facility, government, services, manufacturing or not for profit—the principles apply to every sector.  How much one invests in contract management technologies and processes is a function of finances, vision, culture and will. Being successful using the technologies over the long term is a whole different discussion.   Where to Start? If you found your way here, you are on the right track!