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Generating contract documents and formatting them correctly are essential parts of contract management.  It may seem obvious that contract management systems should be integrated with leading word processing systems like Microsoft Word™.  But the reality is that not all contract management systems have this capability.  

There are many contract management tools available in the market claiming that they have the ability to generate documents “equal to Microsoft Word”; but, in reality, the majority of them are using HTML Editors to generate documents with a similar look to MS Word.  The truth is that the documents produced using HTML Editors do not have the same formatting capabilities as documents generated directly through MS Word—typical problems include spacing, font style, indenting, clause numbering and tables.  

Likewise, if you try to load an MS Word document into an HTML Editor, a lot of formatting is lost. The reason for this is that the MS Word processor adds additional Microsoft Office-specific formatting tags that are not supported by HTML editors. The additional markups and code added by the MS Word processor are not rendered by the HTML Editors; hence, the result is compromised.  Either the formatting is partially or totally disturbed or in more extreme situations whole portions of text may not be visible or may be lost.

Contract Advantage™ provides the necessary flexibility to work directly in Microsoft Word to edit and format documents to generate them according to your organization’s document standards and requirements.  A contract management system without the ability to generate documents in MS Word is almost useless for the contract assembly and generation function. 

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The Contract Advantage Solution

Having taken the above factors into consideration, Contract Advantage integrates the MS Word Processor directly into the Contract Management System allowing you to open, edit and generate your documents directly in MS Word. 

The Document Repository of Contract Advantage not only provides effective Document Management, but also allows you to add or edit documents you are able to attach to any system module:  deliverables, insurance tracking, terms and conditions, amendments, etc.  You can check documents in and out for changes, do versioning and conduct document comparisons directly through MS Word.

contract management system

The formatting of documents will be identical to MS Word because you are editing your documents within Contract  Advantage through the MS Word Editor.  

In other articles in this series, we will be looking into contract management system capabilities, tools and features.  

If you would like to see more, please visit Great Minds Software to learn more about Contract Management Systems. 

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